Murtis Taylor Human Services System

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Family Support & Development Services

Meldoy Graham, Supervisor
Community - Base Services
Mt. Pleasant
216-283-4400 Ext. 2351
Brandi Leslie
Information & Referral Specialist
Mt. Pleasant
216-283-4400 Ext. 2304
Tammi Swails, Supervisor
Community - Base Services
East Cleveland
216-283-4400 Ext. 2275
Pearl Thompson
Information & Referral Specialist
East Cleveland
216-283-4400 Ext. 2273
Angela Wilson, Supervisor
Community - Base Services
216-283-4400 Ext. 2051


Linette Dyous
Information & Referral Specialist
216-283-4400 Ext. 2053                           

Wraparound Family Case Management

Wraparound Family Case Management is a service within the Family-to-Family program. This program provides services like:

  • Coordinate services between County Department of Children Family Services and families
  • Promote safety, permanency and child well-being
  • Identify children's needs through Mental Health Assessment
  • Support youth with serious or complex needs


Information & Referral, Clothing and Computer Education

Information & Referral, Clothing Distribution, and Computer Education are important core settlement house services that have origins with the founding of this organization. This program offers services like: 

  • Link families with resources 
  • Assist families with  basic human services (clothing, rental and utility assistance, shelter and food bank)
  • Basic computer education training
  • Shoes and clothes for kids

Individualized Parent Advocacy and Parent & Youth Support Group

Individualized Parent Advocacy and Parent & Youth Support Groups are services that support families with children with behavioral health needs. 

  • Advocacy on behalf of the families
  • Recruit and engage to support families members
  • Parent & Youth Support Groups
  • Engage professionals, community members and key stakeholders on behalf of families

 Emergency Family Finamcial Assistance

Emergency Family Financial Assistance is a service within the Family-to-Family program that assists families with services which ensure families remain stable, thus protecting the children.

  • Utilities assistance
  • Rent assistance
  • Food assistance
  • Auto repair assistance

Foster and Kinship Care Support Groups

The Foster and Kinship Care Support Groups provide a place to share experiences, participate in advocacy efforts, and keep up with new laws and trends. Information and resources for those considering becoming foster parents as well as established foster & kinship parents is also provided.

  • Strengthen the family
  • Child permanency and well-being
  • Group meeting (parenting skills, separation trauma, child development)
  • Training

Family and Child Visitation

Family and Child Visitation is a service within the Family-to-Family program. The Family-to-Family program operates in the Mt. Pleasant and East Cleveland communities.

  • Strengthen the family
  • Protect children
  • Child permanency and well-being

Parenting Education Classes

Parenting Education classes strengthen the knowledge base and practical parenting skills of parents and guardians with the intent to improve parenting behaviors. Parenting education services targets parents with youth ages 5-18 years and uses the evidence-based "Active Parenting" curriculum.

  • Strengthen the family
  • Protect children
  • Child permanency and well being

Fatherhood Program

The Fatherhood Program provides prevention and intervention services by staff trained in the evidence-based 24/7 Dad and Active Parenting curriculums. The primary objectives include increasing fatherhood engagement, availability, and resposibility in relation to the child.

  • Increase engagement, availability, responsibility between father and child
  • Increase knowledge and practice of non-violent conflict management and techniques
  • Increase work readiness