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School-Based and Community Child Behavioral Healthcare 
Valerie L. Sisson, Director
Child Behavioral Healthcare
216-283-4400 Ext. 2413
Melissa Paradise
Clinical Supervisor of Child Behavioral Healthcare - Westside 
216-283-4400 Ext. 2457
Joy Lane
Clinical Supervisor of Child Behavioral Healthcare- KRT Campus
216-283-4400 Ext. 2744
Tom Ziegler
Supervisor of Child Behavioral Healthcare- Westside/Main Campus
216-283-4400 Ext. 2309
Abagail Gaunt
Clinical Supervisor of Child Behavioral Healthcare- Main Campus
216-283-4400 Ext. 2591

 Calvin Felder                                                                                 Clinical Supervisor of Children Behavioral Healthcare- KRT Campus

216-283-4400 Ext. 2109

Child Psychological Testing 

This service is performed by a licensed psychologist when a problem with no physical origin is noticed and the cause needs to be determined. The purpose of evaluation is to determine what is happening in the individual's psychological life that may be blocking the ability to behave in a more appropriate and constructive manner.

  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Inappropriate mood states
  • Failure to perform up to expected standards (i.e., school work)

Child Mental Health Assessment (Diagnostic Assessment)

Diagnostic Assessment is a clinical evaluation provided by a qualified clinician either at specified times, in response to treatment or when significant changes occur. 

  • Diagnoses emotional and/or development disorders
  • Develops treatment plan (Individualized Service Plan), if appropriate
  • Schedules appropriate treatment

Child Psychiatric Interview

The service begins with a medical assessment, which involves the history of the present illnesses, past history, social history, and family history. 

  • Develops medical somatic treatment plan, if appropriate
  • Identifies and prescribes appropriate medication
  • Schedules appropriate treatment

Case Management

This service is designed to provide community support and advocacy to children diagnosed with a severe emotional disorder.  

  • Reduces the symptoms of psychiatric illnesses
  • Builds resilience and improves quality of life and community integration
  • Improves coping skills and strategies

Child Counseling/Psychotherapy

Service integrates systems such as family, school, or Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services, and provides an approach to treating the whole child within the context of the current family situation.

  • Improves social, emotional, and adaptive functioning
  • Increases the effectiveness of interpersonal relationships
  • Improves coping skills and strategies

School - Based Prevention

Prevention is designed to provide mental health services (group or individual) that reduce the incidence, prevalence, or severity of specific types of mental disabilities or emotional disturbances in children.

  • Prevention - Provides environmental support activities that build resilience and skills to help improve life quality
  • Consultation - Connects mental health services to the school community