Murtis Taylor Human Services System

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Adult Care Facility Stakeholder Committee

Orlean Grant-Whitehead, Director of Capacity Building & Initiatives  216-283-4400 Ext. 2257

AOD Services

Substance Use Disorder treatment services are provided to individuals wo are dually-diagnosed with a mental illness ans substance abuse/addiction.  Services are provide using the evidence-base, Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment.


  • Increase Stability
  • Increase and maintain abstinence
  • Reduce recidivism for re-admissions to hospital and prison systems


Adult Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment)

Partial hospitalization provides highly structured, clinically intensive mental health group interventions to stabilize or increase a patient's level of functioning.  

  • Minimizes the impact of major mental illnesses in a person's life
  • Facilitates return to positive functioning and community living
  • Prevents relapses and hospitalization

Financial & Budgeting Management (Representative Payee)

This service provides budget management and payment services to disabled individuals receiving Social Security Income because they are unable to manage funds to meet daily living needs.

  • Reduces the symptoms of psychiatric illnesses
  • Builds resilience and improves quality of life and community integration
  • Improves coping and daily living skills and strategies